Age Grade Rugby


Player Centred  – Development Driven  – Competition Supported

Age Grade Rugby is the game for all players aged 6 – 18 in clubs, schools, colleges and within the representative pathway and it incorporates the rules of play, regulation, competition formats and the structure of the season.

The rules of play slowly develop from Tag rugby at u7 and the various contact elements get added at u9, Scrums slowly build from 3 players to 8 players and the lineout is introduced at u15 so the game as we recognise it is played from u16 onwards.

It is based on the principles of player centred, development driven and competition supported in that order.  We want to have a good competitive game but children are better served by focussing on their long term development rather than the outcome of the next game. This philosophy puts the wants and needs of young people at its heart.


Age Grade Rugby ensures that every player is able to enjoy rugby in a safe environment where they can develop their personal and social skills as well as a wide array of transferable multi-sports skills. This results in their holistic development as well as their life long involvement in rugby and other sports.



Codes of Practice

The Age Grade Codes of Practice provide practical support and best practice to those delivering the Age Grade game.

The Codes give practical advice on how to adopt a player-centred and holistic approach to rugby and support the application of Regulation 15.

There are seven codes in total, covering a number of topics ranging from playing and training frequency to the grouping of players and key information on player welfare.

If you are involved with Age Grade Rugby, read and commit to following the Codes of Practice. Then tell others about it. It’s in the interest of our players and their livelong enjoyment of the game.