Age Grade Regulations



Regulation 15

Age Grade Rugby is governed by RFU Regulation 15.

Essex RFU is required to approve applications for combining age grades, playing up or down and playing adult rugby. Key information is detailed below on these specific regulations but please read the regulation in full before applying


Combining Age Grades

Certain age grades are permitted to train and play together typically if one age grade has insufficient players to make up a team. The combined team cannot have more than half its team made up from players in the older age group and the rules of the game must be those of the lower age group.

Applications need to be approved by Essex RFU and the link to apply is below


Playing Up and Down

Ideally players should remain in their correct age grade however certain age grades permit players to play up or down one or two age grades for training and playing purposes. This is to be used in exceptional circumstances and typically for the developmental benefit of the player. The player needs to be assessed to be qualified coach and applications subsequently approved by Essex RFU.


Playing Adult Rugby

Players are encouraged to remain in their correct Age Grade but under certain circumstances and to support player development once a player reaches their 17th birthday they can train and play contact rugby with Adults.  In order to do so the Club must comply with the RFU Safeguarding Policy and be approved then subsequently the player must be assessed as capable of playing with Adults. Club application and the player application needs to be approved by Essex RFU