Discipline is one of the core values of rugby. The Essex Discipline team strives to ensure that rugby is a game of controlled physical endeavour and that it is honest and fair. The disciplinary regime reflects World Rugby Regulation 17. It exists to penalise players whose foul play or misconduct is other than purely accidental, and one of its most important principles is to prevent the risk of injury to other players in a dynamic and physical sport. Players have an obligation to ensure that they do not cause injury to opponents

Essex RFu are required by the RFU to use the process laid out in RFU Regulation 19, if for any reason you have been sanctionedc or cited it is essential you fully understand the pocess, your rights, the process, the role of the disciplenary panel, judgements and appeals.

The regulation also sets out the scale of fees that are payable, these will be detailled on the Notice of Hearing. The current fees are.

  • Paper Only Case £50
  • Disciplenary Hearings in person £125
  • Citings £125.
  • Appeals £125

Summary of Process.

1. Within 48 Hours, the referee must submit a report to the CB Disciplinary Secretary, copied to the Referee Society,
2. Within 48 Hours, the Club Secretary must submit a report of relevant details to the CB.
3. CB reviews the case and may request written representation before deciding to proceed.
4. CB can issue a warning, without a disciplinary panel being held.
5. Notice of hearing is sent to Player, Club and Referee’s society, notice to include, time and date of hearing, details of charge, copy of citing if appropriate, referees report.
NOTE, Costs of hearing to be included in the notice, which are to be paid prior to the hearing.
6. Response to Notice from Player, including whether they admit or dispute the allegation, delegation of witnesses and match officials.
NOTE, If a player admite the case he can request to be dealt with in absentia, it is the CB’s decision whether or not to accept this request
7. Hearings and sanctions will be convened and managed as per Regulation 19.9 & 19.10 & 19.11.
8. Notification of Decision. Within 2 hours of the case the Panel will deliver written reasons to the Players club and if appropriate the Referee Society and reported to the RFU Disciplinary Department and uploaded to GMS.
9 Appeals, can be made as per the conditions laid out in regulation 19.12.
10. NOTE, all disciplinary proceedings that take place under regulation 19 shall take place in private.

It is essential you read the discipline process that the CB and the RFU must follow which is set out in RFU Regulation 19.

Essex CB Discipline Panel

Keith Hill

Chair of Discipline