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RFU Club Health Check Application, As part of our wider ‘Flourishing Rugby Communities’ strategy to help clubs ensure they are healthy both now and in the future, we have created an online self-assessment health check tool. The tool will help clubs better understand their relative strengths and development areas across two key areas: Club management and Club business operations.

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RFU Marketing Tooklit, t won’t matter how good your offer is, if no-one knows about it! For example a player was routinely given a lift to training by a friend. The friend sat in the car and waited. When invited into the bar by a club member they said “I didn’t know I could go in

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RFU Club Management Reference Guide, The purpose of this handbook is to assist clubs with these issues through raising awareness of legal, regulatory, tax and other statutory requirements and to improve club sustainability by encouraging good management and governance.

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RFU VAT Guidance,

Clubs of all sizes will encounter VAT in their everyday activities whether registered for VAT purposes or not. It is important that clubs are fully aware of the potential costs which VAT can create and arrange the way the club works to minimise the impact in terms of both cost and time spent dealing with it. This guidance will help you better understand your responabviltes.

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RFU PAYE, National Insurance and National Minimum Wage Advice, This guide will help understand your responsibilities as am employer.

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RFU Legal Portal provided by Irwinmitchell, Your ability to run your community rugby club is vital to its success. We know you value relevant guidance to enable growth and manage risk behind-the-scenes, so you can focus your attention and energy on the field of play. In partnership with England Rugby, we’re offering free access to a secure, online suite of legal documents to help your club comply with all its legal obligations.

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RFU Club Incorporation Advice, The RFU’s Governance Committee continues to be concerned about the number of rugby clubs that continue to have unincorporated legal status and the consequent personal financial risk to their committee members and officers. In the first instance, we recommend that all clubs complete this simple checklist to reflect on their club’s current Legal Status.

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RFU Rugby Insurance Centre inconjunction with Howden,

Howden is the official insurance broker for RFU Clubs. We are here to help clubs, players and staff make rugby safe for everyone – both on and off the pitch. As well as information on the insurance provided to you as part of your RFU registration, we offer other insurance at preferential rates, and digital tools to make risk management initiatives easier (and help you save money on premiums, too).

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RFU Code Of Conduct Template, This Code of Conduct and our policies and procedures, and the terms and conditions of any volunteer or employment agreement with the club, provide a framework in which clubs and participants can be empowered to create safe, respectful and enjoyable environments.

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